TDS Dive IDDA VDHT SAMsDIVING is managed by Ralph Ranschaert & Saskia Schaap. After years of running diveschools in Curacao we startet in 2005 Tauchbasis SAMsDIVING in Germany, the only floating divingschool in Europe.  After many years we started to think bigger. With the oppertunity to become (IDDA) Course Director again, we researched possibilty's, talked with different people and found the solution. IDDA needed a dutch person who can promote IDDA in the Nethelands and Belgium by talking dutch.

About the same time VDHT came across our path and we started to work together with them, too. Two different organisations, one mainly recreational the other more technical. 

In 2022 TDS was looking for new Sales Reps in Europe and TDS Deutschland asked me to cover the part that's called the Netherlands.  After selling (we got enough reviews) and trying TDS gear out we started workingon some plans. (It's not a starting brand). Easy conditions (it's a hard market now a days) and more benefits when you buy more. Step by our place get a cup of coffee and let's talk!

Ralph & Saskia