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We sell to diveshops and divers. We educate dive-instructors. Recreational and Technical diving.

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diving.industries is managed by Ralph Ranschaert & Saskia Schaap. After years of running a diveschool in Curacao and Germany.... read more

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Inform yourself about Instructor Training in Recreational/ Technical Diving/ Cave Diving.


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Cross Over IDDA, Nederlands,

18 + 19 .03.2023

Floating Diveshop SAMsDIVING


diving.industries ist part of SAMsDIVING. It's located in Germany just over the border Nijmegen & Gennep. We speak Dutch, German and English. Come dive at our place or try out some gear! www.samsdiving.com

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Ralph Ranschaert (dutch)

+49 173 5357768 (also WhatsApp)


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