Organisation for safe diver training in the areas 

Cave Diving, Tec-Diving & Wreck Diving

VDHT (Verband Deutscher Höhlentaucher)

Organisation for the (German) Cave Divers

The history of the VDHT is almost as old as cave diving in Germany.
Since the beginning of cave diving (but at the latest since the spread of cave diving training based on the American model), it has been a concern of many cave divers, speleologists and speleonauts to establish training that is tailored to the needs of cave diving in Europe.

The focus should be on safe training in cave diving, speleology and geology.
The first attempts to do this were already made in the mid-1990s (e.g. the foundation of the Speleo Aquanaut Team).
Unfortunately, this group was able to split up due to internal disputes and fragmentation into smaller units (such as the Hydro-Speleology faction) but never really establish themselves.

After a dive on Lake Constance in 2015, the old founding members of the Speleo Aquanaut team expressed their desire and willingness to try again to pool their expertise in the cave diving scene.

After two years of preparation, the Association of German Cave Divers (VDHT) was finally founded.

As a Dive Instructor Trainer  (Moniteur +) we educate the complete range of VDHT. 

Technical Diving, Wreck Diving and of course Cave Diving. 

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Ralph Ranschaert

VDHT # 1719001

VDHT Verband Deutscher Höhlentaucher, een duikorganisatie door en voor duikers. Geen verplichte configuatie zo lang het redundant en veilig is. Grotduiken is de specialiteit, daarnaast ook Technisch duiken, Solo duiken. De Technical Divemaster, een opleiding om assistent te worden voor de VDHT instructeur. Grotduiken en of Technisch duiken is dan ook een pre. Vraag toch eens na. Wij duiken voor het grotduiken in echte grotten en niet in een ondergelopen mijn want mijn duiken is weer anders. Wrakduiken op echte wraks en Technisch duiken op diepte. Voor meer info, neem contact op met Ralph.

Training by VDHT and Trips


VDHT definitely different;

No equipment configuration or brand obligation!
At the VDHT there is no compulsion and no standard when choosing your equipment. You are free to choose your equipment as long as the configuration corresponds to the training goal and does not endanger safety. That's why your equipment configuration at the VDHT is more variable, freer and safer than anywhere else.